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Hair Thinning Pattern in Women
Women and Hair Loss

Theme: Pattern Baldness in Women

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Women and Hail Loss is a book written by Dr. Matt L. Leavitt. He is the medical director of Medical Hair Restoration. He is the founder of following:

- Advanced Dermatology
- Cosmetic Surgery
- World Hair Society
- Live Surgery Workshop

He has written number of books related to hair. He also has written number of articles for dermatology and hair.

About the Book

The author has written this book especially for women. There are a lot of hair restoration clinics that provide information and treatment services only for men. Dr. Matt Leavitt wants to inform all women hair loss problems and its treatment options. This book covers various chapters for hair loss in children. Ethnic hair loss and cancer related hair loss.

Contents of Book are related to different topics such as:

- Women Hair Loss
- Medical Treatments
- Psychology of Hair Loss
- Hair Transplantation
- Children Hair Loss
- Cancer and Hair Loss

I am using hair loss products from three years. I have wasted a large amount of money on hair loss treatment products but yet I have not seen even a single positive effect. My friend has told me about you. Please suggest me that hair transplant is an effective hair loss treatment.

I’ll send you my latest photographs as how I am looking after the hair transplant surgery. I was lacking confidence before the surgery. Now, nobody can guess that I went through hair transplant.

Your book helped me a lot to know about hair loss treatments. Thanks

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Hair Thinning Pattern in Men



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