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Hair Thinning Pattern in Women
Thailand Hair Transplant Center

Theme: Surgical and Non Surgical Hair Restoration Treatments

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The founder of Thailand Hair Transplant Center is Dr. Suradej. He is the specialist in hair transplantation field. He provides painless procedure to his patients. The other team member is also certified and efficient in hair transplantation field. Before going for hair transplantation you can take advice from the consultants at this clinic. They will give you right suggestion to overcome your hair loss problem.

Hair Transplantation Cost

Hair Transplantation Cost at This clinic depends upon the number of grafts. As the number of grafts per procedure increase, cost per grafts decreases. The cost per graft is $2.00. They offer affordable hair transplantation to their patients.

Surgical Procedure

They provide natural looking results. For that they utilize modern hair transplantation techniques such as follicular unit grafting. This is a latest, advances and innovative technique. The techniques they use are open techniques. In the surgical procedure, first of all they inject local anesthetic into donor area and then numb your head. After that tissues are removed from the donor area. These tissues are then dissected and inserted into bald sites.

Medical Procedure

There are two medications to overcome male pattern baldness. These are Propecia and Rogaine. Both medications are approved by FDA. DHT (dihydrotestosterone) is the main reason for pattern baldness I men and Propecia directly effect DHT. Rogaine have some side effects such as dandruff, irritation and redness of scalp etc.

I choose Dr. Suradej on the basis of his experience in hair transplantation field. After taking hair transplantation from him, my hairline is now looking natural. He and his team were outstanding and made me feel comfortable. Tank you Dr. Suradej for your wonderful performance.

I am really very happy with your results. Thanks for the care you have provided me during the procedure. Really you made a difference. My result is amazing and I am still getting compliments from people. Now I have stylish hair ang my hair is growing smoothly.

I was facing hair loss problem from few months ago. My uncle told me about Thailand Hair Transplantation Clinic. I was very nervous when I went in for hair transplantation treatment at your clinic. But the love and care I have received at your clinic was really memorable. They have provided me painless treatment. Now I am perfectly all right. Thanks a lot.

The doctors and staff at your clinic are honest and responsible about their patients. They treat me like a person, not as a patient. The doctor - patients relationship at your clinic are really nice. I have received care and respect at your clinic. I am very thankful to you for this.

I am 20 years old girl. I am very conscious about my hair. My hair is falling from last three months. They became thin. I am looking for permanent cure. I want to know about your treatment and procedures for hair transplantation. Please help me, I am in trouble.

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Hair Thinning Pattern in Men



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