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Hair Thinning Pattern in Women
Porcaro Hair and Cosmetic Surgery

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Porcaro Hair & Cosmetic surgery is surgical and non-surgical treatment center. In treatment of hair loss they prefer follicular unit transplantation, laser therapy, and medical treatment with Propecia and Rogaine.

They are specialists in :

- Hair Restoration
- Body Procedures
- Facial Procedures
- Breast Augmentation
- Skin Treatments

They are recommended by :

- American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS)
- International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS)
- American Academy of cosmetic surgery
- American Board of Surgery (ABS)
- Be Wise About Beauty, org

Procedure of hair restoration

Local anesthesia is injected in patients scalp. They made hair restoration surgery tolerable. Hair restoration involves removing of hair from back of the head to the top or front of the head. There is no waste of hair in this process. Patients own hair used in this process. The actual volume of hair doesn’t increase. After surgery patient can face some swelling in the head. After few months of hair restoration surgery, patient can see some new hair on the head. The new hair will be thin and fine.

After six months of surgery new hair will grow in large amount approximately two to three inches in length. The new grow hair are for life time.

You have provided me undetectable results. Now I am looking gorgeous and the boy who did not even see me is moving around me. Thanks for changing my life.

You and your clinic are doing so much for hair loss patients. I was amazed to know that you are offering so many services to the patients at minimum rate. You are doing a good job.

Though I went through hair transplant surgery in your clinic and the result was outstanding. I would suggest you to have treatment for hair restoration and other hair related issues so that other people with such problems are benefited by it.

I tried various doctors and treatment to get rid of my hair fall problem. But everything was in vain. Somebody suggested me your clinic. I am shocked to see the results on myself. Million thanks to you.

One of my relative went through hair transplant from your clinic. He is very much satisfied with the results. I am suffering from dandruff problem. Do have any treatment for this?

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