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Hair Thinning Pattern in Women
International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery

Theme: A Non-Profit Medical Association Helping Doctors and Public

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It is a non-profit medical association of over 700 physicians who work in the field of hair treatment. They provide help to physicians as well as to the public on hair loss and hair treatment issue such as hair transplant and hair restoration.

Help to doctors:

They provide a series of lectures in hair restoration surgery in the form of CD. Doctors can get important knowledge from this. They also arrange Advanced Webinars Program (web-based seminars) to educate their members on latest inventions and technologies in hair treatment. They provide live surgery workshop for doctors. Beside these they also publish various papers on hair issues. Members of ISHRS receive a subscription to the bi-monthly newsletter Hair Transplant Forum International, peer-reviewed journal etc. They avail the facility of reduced registration fees for annual scientific meetings. They also get opportunities for research grant and awards.

ISHRS fellowship training programs for doctors:

They provide a complete formal fellowship training program in Hair Restoration Surgery. The website if ISHRS gives complete information about this program. Any doctor can enroll for this program by filling the application form online.

Help to public:

They provide help to public over various topics such as Hair Loss, Finding the right doctor, Surgical Hair restoration techniques, and medical hair restoration. They also provide answers to most commonly asked questions on Hair issues. They also help peoples in making right choice for treatment.

There are also various articles on the website of ISHRS which provide a lot of information to the people.

I don’t have to spend on hair treatments. I’m looking for a free advice from experienced specialists, when I see the free advisable treatment centers I felt very happy to have the information and got cured to my hair problems with in short period. Really it was a great work done by the site holders.

Not only for the patients and others this clinic provides guidance for the doctors by providing workshops and by arranging advanced web based programs. Good information given by the site holders for doctor’s too.

I need a treatment center which has experienced specialists because I have tried most of the methods to cure my hair problems. But I was not succeeded. So in order to have the best and permanent treatment I definitely needed experience specialists guidance. Thanks for the site holders for providing the best treatment centers information.

Thank you for providing the best information about the best hair treatment centers. I am fed up with dandruff and thin hair problems. Later, I went to the Ishrs clinic which gave me perfect guidance for my problem. I’m very much thankful to the site holders for providing good information.

My son who is a teenager finds difficult moments in his college and out side with unwanted hair on his face. Being his father I have to take care of his problem. I have gone through a list of treatment centers which offer the best treatment. I found your site is the best with good content.

DHI Hair Restoration Clinic
Thailand Hair Transplant Center
B. L. Limmer Medical
Dr Humayuns Hair Transplant Institute
Alvi Armani
Bosley Clinic
Hiranandani Hospital
Arocha Hair Restoration
Hasson and Wong Clinic
Cosmetic Surgery Clinic
Bosley Medical Dallas
Hair Options
The Hair Guy
Shapiro Medical Group
Body Hair Transplant
Dr. Russell Knudsen
Dr. Mohammad Mazhar Hussain
True and Dorin Medical Group
Stuart Medical Group
Hair Club
The Elliott Clinic
Cosmoderma Clinique
David K Zipfel
Chicago Hair Institute
Dr Cotterill
Nader Medical
Laser Center CA
New York Hair Transplant
Leonard Hair Transplant Associates.
Foundation for Hair Restoration

Hair Thinning Pattern in Men



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