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Hair Thinning Pattern in Women
Hair Restoration Research Center

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Hair Restoration Research Center provides valuable information about hair restoration. By using this information you can know surgical restoration and drug treatment. Their website also helps you to find good surgeon for hair transplantation.

Hair Transplant

In hair restoration process, permanent hair is distributed at that area on scalp where hair is thin or has been lost. This process is just like painting a portrait. Only efficient surgeon can do this surgery. Their goal is to give natural look.“The hair is relocated from donor sites to balding area is called hair transplantation”. This process is an aesthetic exercise. The donor hair, surrounding hair, hair follicles and skin are called grafts. Surgeons use high precision incision instrument for the hair transplantation surgery and to handle the grafts they use jewelers’ forceps. Surgeon does not increase the net volume of hairs but only redistribute the permanent hair all over the scalp.

Follicular Unit Transplantation

This is the process of redistribution of permanent follicular units to the bald area. From the donor sites these follicular units are removed and dissected the binocular stereoscope. The follicular units are then inserted into the bald sites. For insertion follicular unit surgeon use small slit incision.

Hair Loss in women

Hair loss is the common problem in female. Cosmetic surgery provides excellent results in women with hair loss. In women, hair in front or above the ear may be lost due to trimming of skin. To cover this bladed area, two sessions are needed. Many women suffer from the crown area. Crown area is the bald area in the back of scalp. This crown area can be covered by the surgeon but result is not permanent.

This site provides information regarding surgical and non surgical treatment options for hair transplant surgery. This site also provides the information about good hair treatment centers.

I am a working women and I didn’t have enough time to surf website on internet. My senior told me about your website. I wanted to consult about my hair loss problem with an experienced doctor. Your website helped me. Thank you

Your site helped me a lot to find out the permanent solution for my hair loss problem. Hair loss is a common problem and almost all people are facing this problem. You have presented here valuable information related to hair loss and hair care.

I am a US resident and I am looking for hair restoration clinic. Thanks for the site holder who presented here all information regarding hair at one place. I feel happy to see a large number of hair restoration treatments.

I would like to thank you for presenting here such a wonderful website which helped me a lot. Few months ago, I was facing hair loss problem and I was confused that which clinic is best for treatment. Through your website I have received hair transplant.

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