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Hair Thinning Pattern in Women
Hair Restoration Advice

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Hair Restoration Advice provides information about cosmetic surgery and restoration surgery. People often confused to choose right surgeon and procedure; this website will help them to select right procedure and surgeon for hair transplantation. This website contains all information such that:

- What is the cause of male and female pattern balding?
- What is the solution for pattern balding?
- What is hair restoration procedure?

There are three components which cause the male and female balding:

- Genetic
- Hormones
- Age

Cause of Hair Loss

DHT (Dihydro-Testosterone) is the main cause of hair loss in male and female. DHT is the metabolic process of male hormones. When DHT accumulate more than normal quantity then it affects the hair follicles and reduces the growth rate of hair. It also shrinks the hair follicles.

Treatment of Hair Loss

For the treatment of pattern hair loss, synthesis of DHT should be blocked. For the medical hair restoration you can use natural DHT blockers. Some drugs are also used for hair restoration.

Hair Restoration Treatment Procedure

A good surgeon always uses a standardized hair restoration procedure. Laser hair restoration is an efficient hair restoration procedure in comparison to micro and mini grafts restoration. To achieve high density they use laser hair restoration procedure. It was started in 1992. Due to some reasons it failed. Laser beam damage hairs that are near the implant site and it also change the surface.

One day I came at my home. We were talking about our friends. Suddenly she put a question: where is your long hair? I told her about my hair loss. She is a doctor at Florida and she suggested me to take proper treatment for hair restoration. She remanded me your website. Really it’s a good website.

I am very impressed to see such a wonderful article at your website, hair transplant doctor’s directory. It contains addresses of several hair restoration surgeons in US. Hair loss patients can easily search doctors for treatment through your directory.

I want to take hair transplantation surgery. For that I am searching a right hair transplantation surgeon. Please suggest me which clinic is good for hair transplantation that provides undetectable results.

Through your website I came to know about different hair restoration treatments. Thanks for providing such a wonderful site.

I was previous patient of hair loss. Now I am happy with my new hair after transplantation.

I was previous patient of hair loss. Now I am happy with my new hair after transplantation.

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Hair Thinning Pattern in Men



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