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Hair Thinning Pattern in Women
David K Zipfel

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Dr Zipfel is a double board certified specialist. He has experience of 30 years. He performs cosmetic surgery, head, neck and facial plastic surgery. Almost all surgeries perform under local anesthesia. They usually use an anesthesiologist for right quantity of anesthesia.

They prefer many surgeries such as:

- Hair Restoration
- Chemical Peels, Power Peels
- Chin Surgery
- Dermal Fillers
- Ear Surgery
- Eyelid Surgery
- Facelift
- Liposuction
- Rhinoplasty

He is board certified hair restoration surgeon by American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.


Coat of hair transplant surgery is around $5600 for a full session. They graft 2500-4000 hairs of various sizes.

I began to lose my hair in mid to late thirties. I felt young until I saw in the mirror. I saw a Bosley Medical Hair Restoration advertisement on TV. Now after the surgery my head is full of hair. Thanks

My hair loss was a big problem to me. I researched many hair restorations and found Dr Zipfel the best after careful consideration of all factors. I am pleased with the two procedures that were performed on me and would highly recommend Zipfel to others.

I feel absolutely great about the procedures I had at Zipfel clinic. Their staff was professional and personable. It was a great experience of hair transplantation at their clinic.

I was a patient at your center. My entire experience was extremely positive. I had hair transplantation surgery from you. Now I am getting the result as accepted. Thank you

Well it has been over 15 months since I had my transplant done. I have had some great compliments from my barber. He told me that if I had not told him it was a transplant he would never have known. Thank you

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Hair Thinning Pattern in Men



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