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Hair Thinning Pattern in Women
Cosmoderma Clinique

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At Cosmoderma clinique, they offer many treatments to their patients.

They offer many solutions to their patients such as:

- Hair transplant
- Laser surgery
- Melasma
- Wrinkle treatment
- Hair removal
- Laser rejuvenation
- Acne
- Chemical peels

Hair transplantation

They prefer many techniques of hair restoration to their patients. Such as:

- Follicular unit transplantation FUT
- Follicular unit extraction FUE

I am Butler from Lahore. I have received hair transplant surgery from your clinic last year. Now my hair is growing smoothly. I’ll send you my photographs.

I am a beautician. Several women come to me for hair cut who already have hair transplant surgery. Last Sunday one woman come to me, she have taken surgery at your clinic. She was really praising about you and your staff. I am also suffering with hair loss and planning to take surgery at your clinic.

The permanent solution for hair restoration is hair transplantation. Medical treatment is very long procedure. I am very happy to know that you are offering hair transplant surgery. I am decided to visit your clinic.

I have heard that you have got award for the best hair restoration specialist. I was very cheerful to know about this. Congratulations

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