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Hair Thinning Pattern in Women
Bosley Medical Dallas

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Bosley clinic was established in1974. The doctors at this clinic are responsible and caring. They use modern tools and techniques. At this clinic doctors has performed more than 200,000 successful procedures. They provide permanent hair transplantation procedures to their patients. The Bosley Clinics are located in other countries also such as Mexico, Canada, and United States. They use follicular unit transplantation and provide permanent and natural results.

Hair Transplantation

In this procedure hair are relocated from one area to another area. Only redistribution of hair takes place and hair density remains same. It is permanent solution for hair restoration. Only surgeons can do this procedure. Very fine tools are needed to do hair transplantation. This is not very expensive procedure. Bosley Clinic provides this service at affordable cost.

Hair Loss Treatment Options

- Non-Surgical Hair Replacement
- Medical hair Loss Treatment
- Hair Transplant
- Bosley Laser comb

I would like to thanks to Dr. Bosley and his staff and let others know about my excellent experience. Dr. Bosley personally involved in the hair transplant procedure. He listened to my expectations and spent hours answering my questions. Thanks

I am Lalor and I have received hair transplant surgery at your clinic. The procedure was almost painless and hardly noticeable. The results are gradual but amazing, it’s as though you reversed the aging process. Now I am looking younger and feel more confident. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Dr. Bosley is one of the best hair transplant specialist in Texas State of US. He has given me a new look and change the direction of my life. I am really grateful to him.

I am resident of Texas. I have taken surgical process from Dr. Bosley. I was surprised to see that he was personally doing the treatment. It has been 3 months since my surgery, I can say that the entire process has been professional and above my expectations.

My overall experience with Dr. Bosley was very comfortable and relaxing. The staff was helpful in making my procedure run as easy as possible. I found the staff was gentle, caring, and helpful.

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