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Hair Thinning Pattern in Women
B. L. Limmer Medical

Theme: Modern Technique for Hair Transplantation

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Dr. B. L. Limmer provides free consultation and information to people. He has 33 years of experience in hair restoration field. He is a certified and recognized hair transplantation surgeon. His son Dr. Bradley is also in hair restoration field. Dr. Limmer thinks that knowledge is the essential part of decision. For that they offer free consultation to patients. They encourage the patients to talk with previous patients of hair loss and share their experience.

Microscopic Magnified Micro grafting(MMM) Technique

The doctors at this clinic use this technique for hair restoration. They do very efficiently this procedure. Dr. Limmer has got award for first American recipient of the Platinum Follicle Award from ISHRS Group. This technique provides more quality results.

Hair Restoration Options

- Accept the genetic fate dealt
- Wear hair System
- Hair transplantation

I had a hair transplant with Dr. Limmer on December 2005. I would just like to say that I am very pleased with what I am seeing at 4 months after the surgery. No one can even tell that I had a transplant. The grafts are starting to come out, and my hair line looks unbelievable. Thanks

I had a 1st transplant here in El Paso with Dr. Jacob. He used mini and micro grafts. There is no way to compare his work with Dr. Limmer's. You guys are truly amazing

I had 1,500 grafts done 6 months ago. I know it will take 10 to 12 months for the final results to become noticeable; however I am already noticing major differences. People ask me if I am combing my hair differently or if I have changed the color.

I have received numerous compliments over the past month. Wow, compliments about my hair I honestly thought that would never be possible again. Thank you

Now in any event I love how I do I look and it has really been exciting to notice more hair growing in when I look at the mirror in the morning as opposed to seeing less and less hair.

He did a hair transplant for me in 2002. Biggest mistake I ever made. My hair was getting a little thin on top and on the sides so i wanted to get it filled in. He used large plugs which cause all of my good natural hair to fall out and it never did grow back. so the transplant cause my hair to become much thinner instead of making it thicker. my scalp now has tiny and annoying bumps all over where he put the transplant plugs in. Wish I had left my hair alone.. it would be much thicker if i had. One of the biggest mistake I made in my life was going to Dr Zipfel.

What i would like to know is if this really works or not . Can someone tell me if this is real ?

What i would like to know is if this really works or not . Can someone tell me if this is real ?

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Hair Thinning Pattern in Men



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