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Hair Thinning Pattern in Women
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Dr. Memar is a certified dermatologist and dermatologic surgeon with wide training and experience in cosmetic surgery.

They are specialize in

- Hair restoration
- Laser hair removal
- Eyelid surgery
- Thermage
- Lip Augmentation
- Liposuction
- Fat transfer
- Micro dermabrasion

Hair restoration

They prefer micro grafting and mini grafting, follicular unit transplantation, and scalp reduction procedures for hair transplantation. These techniques contain transferring of hair from donor area to the bald area. After 4 months of surgery, hair will start and keep growing.


Cost of hair transplantation depends upon the bald area. It is $6 per graft and cost of scalp reduction is $2,500.


It has been just over a year now since my hair restoration surgery. My hair looks fantastic and I couldn't be more grateful to you for restoring not only my hair but my confidence and self-esteem to go with it. Thank You

Dr. Memar is the famous dermatologist in US. I have received hair transplant surgery from him last month. Everyone at his clinic was great, supportive, and extremely helpful and professional. They made the experience as comfortable as possible. Dr. Memar has given me a lot of confidence. Thanks Dr. Memar

I have taken two surgeries before taking the surgical procedure from Dr. Memar. I found that Dr. Memar was the most honest. Honesty is what I needed to know. The other places dressed up the expectations just so I would commit to their business.

I have never expected that such a result is possible, when I realized that I will need hair transplantation, I got in touch with Dr. Memar. I want to thank you for everything.

I am very happy that I had opportunity to take treatment from Dr. Memar. He is very famous specialist in US.

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