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Hair Thinning Pattern in Women
Hair Transplantation

Theme: Techniques and Procedures of Hair Transplantation

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If you are experiencing hair loss problem, this hairtransplantation.info will help you. It is presenting general information about hair transplantation. It also provides some basic information about hair loss and hair loss treatments. This site also offers some contents such as:

- Hair Structure
- Hair Growth Cycles
- Pattern baldness reasons
- Hair Transplantation
- Hair Transplantation procedures

Hair Structure

Hair structure may also cause hair loss problem. This is a hereditary factor. There are two parts of hair: hair shaft and hair follicle. There are three layers in hair structure:

- Modula (The innermost layer)
- The Cortex (The Middle layer)
- Cuticle (The outermost Layer)

Hair Growth Cycles

Hair improves the person’s personality. With this hair also performs several functions for the human body. The hair growth is a constant process in a healthy person. There are three phases in hair growth cycle:
- Anagen
- Catagen
- Telogen

Pattern baldness reasons

Pattern baldness is the common problem in both male and female. Pattern baldness is due to three reasons:

- Hormones
- Stress
- Ageing

Hair Transplantation

Hair transplant is the process of relocating the hair from one area to another. Hair is removed from side and back of scalp and replanted then into the bladed area. Hair density remains same because hair is only redistributed all over the scalp.

Hair Transplantation procedures

There are three types of procedures are used for hair transplantation:

- Single Hair Follicular Units
- Follicular Units
- Modified Follicular Units

Through your website I got knowledge about hair loss. What is it and what are the causes of hair loss. My hair loss problem was at starting level and I want to get rid of from this problem. I have read about follicular unit transplantation. Is it good hair restoration procedure?

Your site is presenting here wonderful information about hair loss and its treatment. I think your site presenting here all necessary information about hair loss. Hair loss is very common problem. Your site helps us to know about hair loss problem.

I am I am 35 years old man. I have lost most pert of hair on my head. I do not have much knowledge about hair restoration treatment. Your website is a better way to know about new hair restoration techniques.

I was very nervous in last month. I have lost most of hair on back of scalp. Now I saw your website, there are several hair transplantation specialists are listed. I think I have to consult one of them and take advice from them.

My friend recommended me about your website. Now I have visited your website and I think it will help me to overcome my hair loss problem. Thanks a lot for launching such a wonderful website.

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Hair Thinning Pattern in Men



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